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  Ural Motorcycles & Sidecars 

Aftermarket Cross Reference ... 3/15/20 

Manufacturers/part numbers confirmed to be found on-line at Amazon ... or various other venders and local MC shops.

Oil Filters:    Spin-on oil filter
2014+    Partial list ... Check MFG x-reference.
    Mann W 75/3

    HiFlow  HF 896
    Napa Gold 7207 
    Fram PH10959
1995-2013    cartridge type oil filter
HiFlow    HF895 
    Oil Filter Insert with Bushing 
Air Filters:    Partial list ... Check MFG x-reference.
2014+    Fram CA3916  (paper)
              Napa 6139  (paper)
              K&N 33-2022  (oiled mesh)
1995-2013    K&N   E-2470 Air Filter  (older HD)
Spark Plugs
1995-2013    NGK BP7HS
2014+    NGK BPR7HS
Front Disk  Brake pads 2003~2020
EBC    FA244  Aramid/Kevlar Organic EBC
Rear Disk  Brake pads 2014~2020
EBC    FA473  Aramid/Kevlar Organic EBC
SC Disk Brake pads 2014 and Solo Rear Disk
EBC    FA266  Aramid/Kevlar Organic EBC
Light bulb .... 
1156    Bike Turn signal  (10W)
97        Bike Tail Light (5w)
1156    Bike Brake Light (10W)
97    Sidecar Running Light  (5w)
1156    Sidecar Turn Signal (10W)
1157    Rear sidecar running/brake light  (10W/5w)
Turn Signal Flasher
2014+    EL35 or EP36 
Battery     KEY is TX20-HL ... Size/capacity/terminals
    YTX20-HL    Yuasa
    BTX20-HL    BikeMaster
4 x 19" Tire    Duro HF308   6PR 
4 x 18" Tire     Metzler Block-K
                       Heidenau K228