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For the last several years, I have joked ...

“If I win the lottery this weekend or when Sami decides to retire ... I’m out of here in a couple weeks”.    Well she is almost ready ... got her to put a pencil mark on the calendar.
I’ve been living vicariously thru stories and pictures of 3-wheel adventuring by our many friends and customers for too long.  I’m turning 69 this year, it’s time for Sami and I to get back to riding ... with a pretty little 2020 custom cT on the way.
We’ve decided to relocate out of state in the north west ... closer to our 12yo granddaughter.

Which is why the need to wind down TriQuest and allow me to focus on relocation.

Did not expect to sell TriQuest, business climate in CA for small independent MC shops has been going downhill for years ... licensing fees/insurance/etc. As well as the cost-of-living in the bay area that is impacting the available labor pool.

More sensible would be migrating the brand to the larger dealership ... with a goal to be able to assist/train technical staff/sales people. I discussed this with IMWA a while back, and suggested that they find a local multi brand (Honda/HD/etc.) type dealer that may want to add Ural brand bikes. Unfortunately, the opportunity had not presented itself yet.
The current goal is closing the doors mid-April, the date we first opened.

We want to thank our friends and customers for 15 years of support and loyalty.
Perhaps our Ural paths will cross in the future.
Regards Ski & Sami


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